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Women’s Braid Inspiration Models for Party

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In the world of fashion, hair can also be regarded as accessories that can perfect the appearance. In fact, there are various hairs for various moments. One of them is a hairstyle arranged to go to a party. Here are the most appropriate braid Inspiration models to go to a party.

  1. Braided top knot


This hairstyle is a large braid model wrapped into a bond at the top of the head. You can add accessories like a headband to give a nice touch.

  1. Four strand braid


If a braid or centipede is usually made by taking part of the hair and separating it into three strands, it is time to experiment with four strands of hair.

  1. One side braid


This one model is quite simple but it can make you look stunning. Take a little hair and separate into strands, braids and tighten with a cute hair tie.

4.Braided topsy tail


You can braid a little hair on the front side of one side, then wrap it around the rest of the hair that is not braided and make a hair tie, tighten with hairpin.

  1. Half up braids


Make hair wavy and take a little hair on the front side of the right and left, braids, and pull both braids to the back.

  1. Side braided hairstyle


This one braid model is quite unique and gives you the opportunity to experiment with new braids. Make a big braid starting from the top side hair and pull the back of the head with the diagonal or tilt to the side.

  1. Messy rope braid



You can make small braids with a horizontal direction or across the top of the head until it dangles with a little distance apart. Pull the little braids down to the bit down. You can tighten the braids with a bobby pin and go hair loose

  1. Rope braid chignon


This braid style is look elegant and beautiful. Create a braid on the right and left side, then drag also to the head. Combine and wrap it into the shape of the last bundle. Give a touch of hair spray for a durable hairdo.

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