Fashion-Forward Ways to Wear A Baseball Cap

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This spring, we’re all about embracing the sporty trend, while still looking chic and stylish. Then there’s the baseball hat. Baseball caps nowadays are not just for wearing to sport games. You can be creative with baseball caps and wear them in different styles, from cute, sporty to fashionable.

Basic Casual

Baseball cap 1
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The classic baseball cap outfit idea is to pair it with denim shorts, a t shirt and sneakers. This is a casual, energetic look that is perfect for outdoor hangouts . For the spring, you can replace the tee with a hoddie.

Simple Feminine

Baseball cap 2
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Pairing a t-shirt dress with a baseball cap gives you a sporty, yet feminine look. You can look slimmer and more stylish by tying a jacket or a sweater around your waist.

Floral Accent

Baseball cap 3
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You’re rocking the heels and the elevated skinny jeans,  but the flowers bring it all together and keep things from getting too serious.

Smart Casual

Baseball cap 4
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Although baseball cap is not something that you should wear in the office, you can actually look good pairing your smart casual outfit with a black or dark-colored baseball cap.

Masculine Feminine

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For those of you that sometimes like to dress in a slightly masculine way, you can pair a baseball cap with a leather jacket and jeans. To add a feminine touch you can use heels or boots heels.

Country Girl

Baseball cap 6
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Of all the ways to style a baseball hat, this is the most seamless, simply because it’s the most casual. Overalls, T-shirt and sneakers? triple check!! Bonus points for throwing that hat on backwards, or being a model off duty.

Sweet Pink

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As an idea of casual wear, you can wear a baseball cap with a scarf, shirt, and skinny jeans. pink color makes the appearance look feminine. You can complete this view with ankle boots or slip on shoes. Adding a scarf is also a smart way out for lazy days.

Girl Next Door

Baseball cap 8
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Combine a skirt with a baseball cap to make you look cute. Denim jackets and sling bags make this style feel casual rather then formal. It can make you look like a sweet girl next door.


Baseball cap 9
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This outfit idea is probably the easiest one to pull off among others. Simply pair your baseball cap with a loose t shirt, ripped boyfriend jeans and sneakers. You can also replace the t shirt with a tank top.

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