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10 Combination Tips of Kulot Pants for The Best Fashion

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Fashion trends are constantly spinning. Clothing that is now a trend could be a trend even dozens of years ago. Like pants kulot, which is now back so trend. With more contemporary, pants kulot you can make a fashion choice that can “enter” in various events. Here are 10 Combination Tips of Kulot Pants for The Best Fashion.

    1.Kulot with Blazer


For a formal event you can blend kulot with your blazer. No need to be afraid to use contrasting colors as well, ladies.

  1. Kulot with Top tank


Alloy top tank with kulot is suitable for inspiration street style..

  1. Kulot with T-shirt


T-shirts can always give casual impression nan relaxed. But you are equally energetic with combining it with your favorite kulot.

  1. Kulot with a shirt


Stay energetic and elegant with this one. Dare to try?

  1. Kulot with crop top


Appear chic and sweet by combining your culottes with crop top

  1. Kulot with a denim top


You can still preserve your tomboy style , unified frontier kulot with denim tops. It is so cool.

  1. Kulot with sweater


Do you want to hang out with your friens? You can combine your kulot pants with your sweater. It’s easy right? Two fashion items that you definitely have.

  1. Silicate setting


Do you want a memorable classic style but elegant? You can wear you kulot pants that have same color with your clothes. You will be the center of attention, guaranteed!

  1. Jumpsuit


Although simple, but you are free to move and do not change your activities with this kulot jumpsuit model.

  1. Kulot with leather jacket


Do not be afraid to use solid match of fashion item, ladies. Combine your Kulot pants with a leather jacket will give a cool impression.

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