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10 Essential Styles of Men’s Hats You Need to Know

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For men, creatures who, historically, do not have the luxury to enjoy complicated and advanced accessories like dangling earrings, hair pins, or chunky colorful necklaces, hats have become an essential fashion item to distinguish their styles. Hats are not only decorative, but also functional.¬†¬†Because of this, there are different types of men’s hats with different purposes and different styles. Here are some of them you need to know that will be very useful for a future style reference.


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Fedora is probably one of the most polarizing men’s hats in history. Many people hate them, but as many people, maybe more love them. At least, the hat has stood against the history since the 1920s. It used to be the favorite hats for gangsters before hipsters with beards adopted the style as a staple in the 2000s.

Panama Hat

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Embrace summer with the traditional tropical hat that comes from the Ecuador. This straw hat is made from plaited leaves and will complete a summer vacation fashion without fail. This is the perfect hat to wear for when you enjoy a tropical or seaside vacation.

Dad Hat

Dad hats
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Dad hat is one of vintage men’s hats style that makes the wearers look very laid-back. This is a type of baseball cap that is commonly made by cotton or canvas. The slightly curved brim adds style to this popular item for a casual or sporty style with a little vintage twist.


Wearing snapback
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These 90s baseball style hat used to be worn by baseball fans, but now it becomes a trendy item for teenagers, fashionistas, and all the cool kids in the world. The hat is usually oversized and relaxed, but with a somewhat structured, rigid design that sets it apart from the dad hat.


Bowler hat
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Remember Charlie Chaplin and Curly Howard? Those gentlemen made this particular type of men’s hats popular: the bowler. As an iconic British style item, the hat is commonly worn by people across the classes, although not casually. Wear this with other British style staples like dress shoes, tailored pants, blazers or vintage jackets.

Flat Cap

Flat cap
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While this hat is popular among celebrities and TV personalities, it is rooted in working class culture, mostly worn by farmers and chimney sweepers. It is usually made from wool or cotton and a good addition for a smart casual fall or early spring fashion.


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Beanie used to only be a winter fashion essential with no common application outside the season. However, today it has become one of the trendiest men’s hats that transcends seasons. Don this hat from autumn to spring for the most stylish casual look.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hat
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This hat used to be worn by fishermen only, but it is now popular among skaters and musical subcultures. The hat is commonly made of canvas, denim, or other heavy duty cotton fabrics. The style is perfect for an urban, street-style look. Wear it to finish your bomber jackets, high tops, or skatewear.

Top Hat

Top hat
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While this hat looks ridiculous to some, this is one of the most daring and sophisticated men’s hats. If you are into standing out from the crowd, wear the shorter and more stylish fashion of this hat.

Trapper Hat

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This warm and stylish retro hat should be on every man’s winter wardrobe essential list. This type of men’s hats is currently available in different materials and details. If you are outdoorsy, this is the perfect hat to protect you from the harsh weather.

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