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8 Styles to Wear a Shirtdress for Work

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Nowadays, shirtdress is a trend because it’s simple and also comfy to wear. That’s why, shirtdress always stays in fashion. Besides, the collar of shirtdress is also suitable as the outfit for work to have an office look. So far, shirtdress is perfect to be combined with beautiful highheels. Just let us share the pictures for you to know the style ideas of it.

  1. Simple Office Look

1. simple office look

If you like to have a formal look, you can wear a black shirtdress combined with black highheel. However, a simple and comfortable outfit can influence your mood in doing many task at the office all day long.

  1. Matching Color of Shirtdress, Belt and Shoes

2. matching color of shirtdress with shoes

A stylish outfit you can also have by wearing shoes and belt that match with one of the colors on your shirtdress. Although, it’s not the dominant, but the maroon color is really nice to style your shirtdress.

  1. Navy Midi Shirtdress

3. navy midi shirtdress

For a plain navy shirtdress, you can style it by wearing matching shoes and clutch. A nice office look you really have with this style.

  1. Soft Blue Shirtdress

4. soft blue shirtdress

For a fresh look, you can choose a soft blue shirtdress with a belt. Nude color of the shoes and bag are also nice to style your shirtdress.

  1. Polka Dot Shirtdress

5. polka dot shirtdress

Not only plain shirtdress, polka dot motif can also be a pretty outfit for work. Adding a black belt will make your appearance more stylish.

  1. Nude Shirtdress

6. nude shirtdress

Doing activity outside confidently with nude shirtdress is nice to have. Get pair with nude shoes with ankle tied is so lovely.

  1. Sleeveless Shirtdress

7. sleeveless shirtdress combine with legging

Combining a sleeveless shirtdress with leggings are nice to have casual look. For the army shirtdress, black leggings are best.

  1. Deep Purple Shirtdress

8. bold color shirtdress

Wearing a plain deep purple shirtdress with statement ring and bracelet are so pretty.

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