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Most Comfortable Heels that Won’t Hurt Your Feet when You Wear All Day

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Rocking a n awesome pair of heels can make you feel beautiful, thus significantly improve your confidence. Unfortunately, the beauty you gain through wearing heels will also be accompanied by pain and blisters. It is a fact: wearing heels hurt, at least most of the time when you don’t carefully choose the most comfortable heels for you to wear. Because of this, you need to be very selective at trying to find a pair of heels that are stylish but also very comfortable so you wear all the time.

Here are some of the most comfortable heels for your feet.

Platform Heels

Platform heels
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Being pain-free doesn’t mean that you have to wear flats all the time. If your body needs some boost in height, try platform heels. The thick sole will add height to your body and elongate your legs without causing too much pressure.

Block Heels

Block heels
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Block heels can also be considered as one of the most comfortable heels because of the thick structure. The heels offer more support and stability compared to the likes of stilettos, thus, very comfortable to wear by anyone.

Kitten Heels

Source: thetrendspotter

Because of the relatively small height, kitten heels are super comfortable to wear. They are also available in various styles, from boots to sandals. Just choose the ones that suit you best!

High Heel Sandals

High heel sandals
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Some people find that closed-toe high heels are more painful to wear because of the room being too narrow. In this case, some high heel sandals will be the best alternative. Choose one with adjustable ankle straps for more security.

Pumps with Cushioned Soles

Source: amazon

Pumps can be very uncomfortable to wear, but as long as you choose the right ones with good craftmanship and cushion sole, you will be able to maintain comfort while walking around looking fantastic in them!

High Heel Boots

High heell boots
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For the maximum stability, support, and comfort, get a pair of high heel boots that securely wrap your entire foot. To get the most comfortable heels possible, choose the thicker heels instead of the stiletto types.

Mary Jane Heels

Mary jane
Source: office

Some Mary Jane types of shoes with heels can be the best office footwear because of the comfort and the security from the strap, yet they still look cute on your feet.

Low Plain Pump

Low pump
Source: chicshop

The most comfortable heels are definitely the lowest heels. Some low heel pump with small heels at the rear part will give you some added height without causing much pain. Choose the ones with a good shock absorption technology for a maximum comfort.

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