9 Nail Paint Colors for Dark Skin Hands

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Nail polish according to the color of the skin and the clothes used can maximize the appearance. Some of the following nail polish colors can be selected so that dark leather owners appear more glowing and stylish. Here are Nail Paint Colors For Dark Skin Hands.

  1. Nude or cream


The colors are fairly safe for all skin tones, including for dark skin. Choose a nude color with a brown undertone.

  1. Peach


Dark skin owners can also wear peach-colored nail polish. This yellowish pink has an enlightening effect. Pas for you who like natural makeup.

  1. Red


The red color on the nails can be tried for sexy and glamorous look. The classic red fits all skin tones. Choose a red color with an orange element if you have dark hand skin.

  1. Pink Pink


Feminine colors that will look perfect on the skin of dark hands and brown. The soft pink color makes the skin brighter.

  1. Purple dark


Having dark skin does not mean you should avoid dark colors. Dark purple that impresses elegant and elegant, can be selected. This color is most ok to wear for the evening.

  1. Young Blue


Who says the light blue color is less matching for dark skin? The key is to choose a blue color with a yellow undertone. So, your kitten still has a warm color element that has a brightening effect on dark skin.

  1. Maroon


For a special occasion at night, drop the selection on maroon red with a golden glow for an elegant impression.

  1. Electric yellow


The choice of attractive colors for you who like a unique style. Yup, electric yellow will increasingly accentuate the color of exotic skin. Because the color contrasts with your skin, you should balance with a neutral color outfit.


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