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8 Bra Types Which The Most Needed by Women

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There are various types of bras that circulate in the market. Every time you want to buy a bra, there may be always new products and bra types that come out. You can be fascinated with the beautiful designs. Here are 8 Bra Types Which The Most Needed by Women

  1. Basic Bralette


This type of bra is a nice and comfortable bra for your body. Maybe the model is simple and less interesting, but most of this type of bra made of cotton is good for the skin.

  1. Countoured T-Shirt Bra


Designed without a shoulder strap, tightly stuck to the body like a t-shirt. This type of bra is sometimes equipped with a sponge in the cup to cover the nipple and form a thin line.

  1. Push-Up Bra


Bra with a special structure to the breast so lifted and arranged close together until the breasts look so beautiful. This bra has a wedge or padding of rubber foam or silicon gel.

  1. Strappless Bra


Strapless bra suitable for use with a shoulder-shaped outfit such as a dumbbell neck, tube top / dress, etc.

  1. Convertible Bra


This type of bra is equipped with a bra strap that can be installed or removed, with a suit to suit the taste and comfort of the wearer.

  1. Demi Bra


This type of bra is equipped with a cup that closes half of the breast (bottom) to slightly above the nipple. This type of bra is suitable for women who want a bra that produces a good shape behind a blouse with a falling neckline (neckline).

  1. Sports Bra


Special bra for sports that made from materials that absorb sweat. Sport bra is designed to close and support the breast well when exercising.

  1. Statement Bra


Some people may not want to show their bra in public, but some others just want to show the beauty of a bra.

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