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10 Fashion Tips for Dark Skinned Guys

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Having dark skin does have its own challenges. A lot to consider in the selection of items to be used. Starting from the color of the pants to accessories that can not be chosen carelessly. Here are 10 fashion tips for dark skinned guys.

  1. Never use all-white clothes.


White color always impressed bright and clean. For that many who avoid this color because it is easily dirty. For Dark-skinned Guy, do not use an all-white outfit. Clarena will look very contrasting.

  1. Wear black socks.


If you want to wear socks, choose a black color. If the color brown even clashed with the skin and bright colors instead make appearance not good for views.

  1. Wear brightly colored clothes.


Guys who have dark skin, better wear brightly colored clothing let the display stand out. But do not hit the color, choose one of the items are brightly colored.

  1. Khaki color.


If you want to use something brown, make sure the color is brighter than the skin. Well, better if using khaki color which is a mixture of chocolate and yellow.

  1. Use warm colors (orange, red and yellow).


Warm colors like red, orange and yellow will look good if used dark skinned people. Even the pink color also looks good if worn.

  1. Use primary colors and do not use dark blue and green.


Always use the primary color or the main color. And be sure to avoid using dark blue and green.

  1. Wear a watch.


Every guy is obliged to wear a watch. However, not all models of watches suitable for worn-skinned. Choose a model and color according to dark skin.

  1. Colors to avoid.


Having dark skin does have to be clever to know which colors are appropriate and not. Well, the colors to avoid are dark brown, turquoise, magenta and bright green.

  1. Glasses.


Use glasses other than black. Your appearance will be even cooler if you use reflective glasses.

  1. Hats.


Wear a hat does make a guy look so cool. However, it is better to use a hat with prominent colors and not the same as the clothes worn.

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