10 Best Evening Gown Inspiration Countries

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Various competitions were held to assess which state representatives matched the Miss Grand International crown. Starting from national costume competition, swimsuit competition, deep interview and evening gown competition. If you want to find inspiration for evening gown, this time seasonoutfit will give you 10 Best Evening Gown Inspirations at Miss Grand International 2017 that you can use for your event.

  1. Indonesia.


On the eve of the evening gown competition representatives Indonesia Dea Goesti Rizkita look charming with evening dress designed by Metty Choa. Many observers of fashion and beauty contests say, “the dress with a dark dominant color is very fitting and sexy if used by Dea”.

  1. India.


In addition to Indonesia, who appeared charming with his evening gown on the eve of the pre-elimination competition is India.

  1. Peru.


Peruvian representatives are also mentioned to be a stunning participant on the eve of the evening gown pre-elimination competition. Use a dress with dominant pastel colors and a touch of gold-colored sequins.

  1. Philippines.


Philippine Representative Elizabeth Durado Clenci is also very stunning appearance on MGI evening gown competition 2017. Very beautiful with pastel-colored dresses and gold and silver sequin combinations.

  1. South Sudan.


Eyga Mojus, the Miss Grand International from South Sudan also did not lose her stunning on pre-elimination night.

  1. Egypt.


Use dress that made from marbled velvet with maroon color, Egyptian representative this year Merna Ayman Hosny claimed to appear charming and ready to be ‘black horse’ in MGI pegelaran this year.

  1. Malaysia.


With a mermaid-shaped dress with a dominant yellow color, Sanjeda look beautiful and not a bit of a compliment.

  1. Lithuania.


Carrying a mermaid dress with a white bandage and sequins in the middle, contestants from Lithuania, Irmina Preisegalaviciute very beautiful and charming.

  1. Thailand.


Wearing a dress with a sprinkling of green rubies, she looks very pretty with this design.

  1. England.


Noky Simbani, the British representative also performed beautifully on the night of pre-elimination.

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