Short Wedding Dress Design Ideas In 2018

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We definitely love the biggest of wedding dresses, with the longest of trains around here. But sometimes, there’s nothing like a short wedding dress to show off your modern style, not to mention those rocking legs -no doubt a result of some serious pre-wedding barre workouts-. Wearing a short wedding dress is a style status symbol! More and more modern brides are opting to skip the big bridal moment for something short, sweet, and super cool. They are also a great choice to wear at a bridal reception, as they do not limit your movements as much as a ball gown does for dancing and celebrating. Pppst.. The plus side is you can go to the toilet without assistance..

Cover Up

Short wedding dress 1
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Choosing short wedding dress is taking the slightly off-beat road of course. So, if you are looking to beat that too, here’s something for you. A coat just like this one adds an old world charm to your dress.


Short wedding dress 2
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The sweetheart neckline and bodice covered in polka dots in lace fabric brings in a quirky vibe. This dress makes you look sweet and charming at the same time

Dramatic Bow

Short wedding dress 3
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We love the beauty of this oversized bow. It’s like wrapping you up into the most beautiful “wedding gift” ever. You do not need to add many accessories, so as not to cover the beauty of this bow.

Greek Goddess

Short wedding dress 4
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Hello Aphrodite! This wedding dress is inspired by the beauty of ancient greek goddesses. One shoulder or two, everything will still make you as beautiful as the goddess on your wedding day. Flowers crown and straps heels are the perfect catch for your appearance.

Peek a Boo

Short wedding dress 5
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This 1950s wedding dress give a little surprise your on wedding dress with a pink tulle peeking behind this soft yellow dress. The turquoise heels add another harmonious surprise. Finish this outfit with a lace veil.


White short wedding dress 6
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This ballerina-style dress even inspired Keira Knightley on her wedding day. The tutu that expands make you look elegant like a ballerina.

Boho Chic

White short wedding dress 7
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Boho is about nature, loose and flower crown. If you want a gypsy wedding in the garden, then this dress will be suit on you.

 The Great Gatsby

Short wedding dress 8
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Back in the year 20’an where the sequin and fringe are a necessity and the head decoration becomes a thing that can not be overlooked, this dress offers all these luxuries. Happy wedding, Old Sport!

Pin Up Girl

Short wedding dress 9
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Bright red lipstick, high hair roll, hair flowers and halter neck dress. What a perfect pin up girl wedding! Even Marilyn Monroe crying happily seeing it.

Victorian Era

Short wedding dress 10
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Victorian era should not always be rigid. This dress makes the era look modern and fun. Important details such as the gloves and thick boots retain a dynamic “victorian sense”

Long Tail

Short wedding dress 11
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A short dress with a trial? Yes, you got that right. If you have always been offbeat and adventurous with your style statements, do that for your wedding too. A dress that is color dusty pink and is short is something you cannot say no to. The light yet bouncy ruffles, bows, and flowers all over will have all jaws dropping.

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