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9 Blouse Models for Fat Woman Fashion Trend

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Feeling lack of confidence because of the big body shape? Should you diet first if you want to use a beautiful blouse? You can use a beautiful blouse and not look fatter. Seasonoutfit has collected 9 models of blouses for obese women. Our blouse of choice is a model with a special model for the body does not look wider. Here are 9 Blouse Models for Woman Fashion Trend.

  1. V-neck


One of the blouse models for fat women is a blouse with a wide V-shaped neck accent. With a V-collar, your neck and collarbone will be exposed and look thinner.

  1. Peplum


This peplum blouse is the size on the back, then large and wide at the bottom. Model blouse for this plump woman matching combined bodycon skirts and cloth pants for style to the office.

  1. Obi


You can use this blouse to work, lecture, or discuss the streets. This blouse is available in S to S size.

  1. Baby Doll


Blouses form a baby doll this can also be a blouse model for obese women. But, choose a baby doll that size larger than your body size, will not be tight.

  1. Vertical


Line motifs can make the body look slimmer and longer. The facial motif is the most recommended for obese women. Mental, avoid horizontal lines. This short-sleeved blouse is very chic and trendy, perfect for you to wear to campus or hangout.

  1. Sabrina


Blouse with open-collar model is very suitable worn by people with body fat. this blouse model can make the neck look more level and thin.

  1. Wrap


Blouses with cross-cut packs can make the body look lighter. This is due to the illusion of the eye on the cross.

      8. Loose


Blouses with a small size of the size of your normal body size can have a magical effect, loh! Your body will not look too fat, because heavy clothes will not print your fatty body parts like pernut and hips.

     9. Bustier


Recommended blouse model for the last fat woman there is a blouse with a bustier accent. This model of clothing is still a big hit in 2018.

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