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9 Most Interesting Undercut Hairstyles for Women

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Undercut is not only enjoyed and celebrated by men. These days, many ladies sport this daring hairstyle and look very good on it. There are many cool undercut hairstyles that give some modern, vibrant, and eye-catching style. Since it’s very versatile, you can choose from the many options of undercut hairstyles that match your style best. Here are some of the ideas that you can adopt for thee boldest and most inspiring look.

Short hair

Short hair
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One of the easiest ways to look brave and cool sporting undercut hairstyles is by cutting your locks short. Fun, simple, exciting, and bold. This hairstyle can flatter your facial features.

Long hair

Long hair
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If you are looking for a way to look daring but don’t want to cut your hair short, you don’t have to lose your long locks. Just get an undercut at one side of your head and you can maintain the feminine look but with an additional daring touch.


Source: thetrendspotter

You can take your bob to the next level by getting an undercut as an addition. This look will instantly make you look dramatically modern and stylish. Just choose if you want to wear your hair sleek straight or relaxed wavy.


Undercut ponytail
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Undercut hairstyles are very versatile: you can style your hair in a lot of ways to complement the undercut. One of the most fitting hairstyle for an undercut is a ponytail. Just style your hair up high into a classic ponytail to show off your undercut.

Dyed undercut

Dyed undercut

Coloring your hair is one of the easiest way to make a personality statement, and so is getting an undercut. To combine the two means being very bold and daring. These undercut hairstyles are very good at expressing your style and personality. For sure, everybody will look at your brave style!


Bowl undercut
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If you are into retro style, get a cool bowl undercut with unique shade like lilac or turquoise for some modern touch. The fashion-forward undercut hairstyles will make you look unique and fresh.

Temple Shave

Temple shave undercut
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One of the most exciting undercut hairstyles to try is the temple shave undercut. The haircut is exciting because it is edgy but subtle. You can even still sport it and look professional.


Side swept undercut
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A side-swept hairstyle is really great at showing off your new undercut. Just get a stylish, short undercut on one side of your head and style your hair into a side-swept style. This gives you a gorgeous asymmetrical look.


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To stand out from the crowd like nobody else has done it before, get some undercut for your long dreadlocks. The twist will make your appearance even sharper.

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