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Types of Hijab Accessories that Make You Beautiful

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The presence of accessories on the appearance will better support your appearance on the events you want to go. Even if you are veiled, you still look fashionable and attractive with the help of hijab accessories that are very diverse functions, placements, and materials. Here are some types of hijab accessories that become options to make you look beautiful.

  1. Turkey Hijab Clip


Clip from Turkey has the same basic functions with normal pin in general, which locks the hijab on the bottom of the chin so tight and fixed in position.

2. Patch Brooch


Patch Brooch have a flat look and are usually made of a kind of patterned fabric and embellished with mute-mute ornaments and embroidery on the pattern. Many brooch manufacturers are inspired by flower arrangements and combine them with colorful pearls.

      3. Magnet Brooch


Magnet Brooch. Magnet brooch has the same function as a pin or pin, which is to lock your hijab look so that when you move too active, hijab still does not move from place.

4. Gold & Silver Headpiece


Your appearance will look more luxurious with the presence of this one accessories.

      5. Headpiece Chain


The chain headpiece is a combination of a brooch with long, dangling, blended chains that are suitable for certain occasions such as performances, performances, and parties.

     6. Bandana


Bandana is the most light and simple accessories that are usually loved by many young people. Types offered there are many such as airport flower, bandana lace, pearl bandana, and others depending on creativity of the maker.

     7. Crown


Crowns are usually used to support a particular appearance. Performing performances of fairies and princesses usually use a crown as a decoration on their hijab. The advantage of this crown is that it will make your appearance graceful even you will look like a queen.

8. Hat


Hat is not only as a barrier of the sun, but now also used as one of fashion items with its own uniqueness.


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