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10 Mix & Match Ultraviolet Outfit Trend in 2018

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At the end of the year is synonymous with the latest trends in the fashion trend, including in terms of color. Toward the end of 2017 and entering 2018, the Pantone Color Institute issues its official announcement regarding the official colors of 2018. So it reveals that the selection of deep purple color aims to describe the authenticity, versatility, and visionary thinking. For you who are ready to welcome the new year ya, definitely do not want to miss for ngikutin color trends of this year 2018 dong. At this times we will share the mix and match tricks of ultraviolet color that can make you more stylish

1.Bright Color Mix


Because of ultraviolet color means bold and original, you can try to combine the color purple with bright colors. Like orange for example.

  1. Outer


Purple color is also suitable for use as an outer or jacket. Well try to mix the white with a purple outer which then mix and match with soft purple subordinates.

3.Dress and Accessories


Dress purple is also suitable to wear in 2018 later. Try to give a touch of gold as for waist tailor or other accessories. And you can also add a necklace as an accessory.

4.Red color mix


Purple can also be more lively if you combine it with red bold color. So if you successfully blend this color, you will look stunning!

  1. Yellow Mix


You can also try mixing this ultraviolet color with a light yellow color.

  1. The same color


You can also combine purple on purple. Will look good too and simple elegant



For clothing affairs alone is not enough, try this ultraviolet color also you apply for boots or shoes.

8.Dark colors also match


Your black dress is no longer boring with extra ultraviolet colored bombs.



For you who are veiled, purple color you can also mix either as hijab or scarf, or as outfit like skirt, sweatshirt and many more.

10.Characteristically elegant


Unify the color of ultraviolet color with black and gold plisket this also you can contek ya.

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