10 Gorgeous Ways To Dress With Midi Tulle Skirt In Style

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What is Tulle? Tulle or you may call it net or tutu is a very lightweight and fine netting material. Tulle most commonly used for wedding gowns, veils and now extensively being used in skirts. So if you want to wear something girlish, sweet and flirty, then we recommend to try on tulle skirt. In recent years, we see lots of fashionistas and trendsetters wearing this adorable skirt in the streets. We found ways to transform the childhood dress-up staple into daytime and evening looks that will get you through the season.

Off Shoulder

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The off-shoulder top has been the staple of this season, so why not incorporate this great trend when wearing your tulle? This pairing creates a sleek and chic effect, great for any city girl, looking to spend a day shopping with friends or going out to eat with her partner.

Crop Tops

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Crop tops will add a little allure, what will make the overall outfit look sophisticated, sexy and chic. Of course it is a great way to add some edge to your outfit; this bold look works best for a night out or a festival, and will make a great statement look.

Lace Tops

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Wear a subtle colored tulle skirt such as beige and pair it with a white or powder blue lace top for a graceful look. Finish your look with a classy long pearl necklace or some junk jewelry. Carry a lacey leather or fabric clutch that matches the attire.

Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets will for sure add the right dose of sophistication. This can add a bit of edge to your tulle skirt outfit.The combination gives a great mix of rocker chick and girly girl, perfect for attending your favourite club or bar.


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One the other hand, flats also look great with a tulle skirt. This winning combination looks great for a casual day out with your favourite girlfriends, and gives the overall look a different dynamic than wearing the skirt with heels, without sacrificing style. You can wear straps sandals or slip ons for feminine looks or sneakers for sweet sporty looks.

Tee Shirt

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Nothing can go wrong with tee shirt. It looks great when worn together with a tulle skirt. This works well for an everyday look; this is something you can wear to meet up for coffee with friends or to grab a bite to eat with your partner.

Country Girl

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Who says that a country girl cannot rock a plaid flannel shirt with a tulle skirt. Match your regular red plaid shirt with a black skirt. A beaded necklace and black print pumps for the extra spice. For another country girl looks, you can wear denim shirt or a denim jacket as an outer.

Pattern Top

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As a tulle skirt tends to only have one block color, why not pair it with a pattern to give your look a twist? A great overall look, incorporating your inner fashionista, while maintaining a cool edge, perfect for a summer party with friends.


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If we speak about working hours, then you better add preppy and elegant garments and choose less puffy design. So you look less like a little girl and more like professional and sharp. We recommend to add a tailored blazer because it will add a perfect balance.

Bright Color

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For the bolder amongst us, why not try your tulle skirt with some bright colors. This is a great way to wear your skirt and works for most occasions.

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