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8 Color Combinations That Are Surprisingly Awesome

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People will tell you to stick to color combinations that have been tested and tried throughout the civilizations and remain great, such as neutral tones with bright colors, black and white, or monochromatic colors with different shades. But sometimes, it is not enough. When you start getting bored with your old ways of mixing and matching colors, you need to venture out beyond your comfort zones and try other color combinations that you have never imagined before.

Here are some of those color combinations that work surprisingly great.

Berry purple and dusty rose

Pink and purple
Source: lookbook

Purple and pink do not only work for weddings or for Disney princesses. In fact, these sickeningly sweet colors can turn you into a princess without looking like you are in a cosplay. The key? Choose a darker but bolder shade of purple like this berry purple.

Periwinkle and burgundy

Periwinkle and burgundy
Source: pinterest

Another surprising color combination that work great is burgundy, the classic hue of spring, and the winter tone periwinkle. This is also one of the most feminine color combinations!

Blue and bold orange

Blue and orange
Source: pinterest

Blue and orange are two colors that are perfect opposite of one another. Yet, they also make a good combo. Welcome the summer by dressing bold!

Bright pink and vibrant green

Bright pink and green
Source: halfchocolate

Two vibrant colors of extremely different hues are always interesting. Bright pink is the perfect example. Pairing it with a bold shade of green is a nice idea. Just make sure that you don’t make it busier by choosing noisy prints or details.

Olive green and rustic red

Olive green and red
Source: tellylovesfashion

Olive green and rustic red are both the perfect autumnal colors. While not many people do it, combining two outfits of both colors make one of the most irresistible color combinations for fall.

Mellow yellow and any shades of purple

Yellow and purple
Source: galantgirl

Do you know that any shades of purple such as violet, lavender, and lilac give a pale yellow an edge? Look bold and fresh in this eye-popping combination.

Coral and navy blue

Coral and navy blue
Source: pinterest

Coral is a bold and nice color. But if you don’t feel very confident wearing such a bright color, you can combine it with good old navy blue. The contrast will tone down your look and make the outfit fit to wear anywhere.

Yellow and gray

Gray and yellow
Source: stylishpetite

Gray is a boring, business-like color that screams professionalism. But when you pair it with yellow? Suddenly, it becomes one of the most fun color combinations that boost your energy for a long working day.

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