9 Fashion Tips for Men and Women Who Sweat Excessively

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Sometimes it’s the weather or the activities, but some people are just born with different genetics that make each of us come with different conditions. Some people just naturally sweat a lot and it can be a problem when the summer comes. Imagine all the stains on the clothes! The perfect fashion attempt and grooming can turn into a disaster when this happens. Fortunately, some comfortable fashion tips can keep you away from this problem when you follow carefully.

If you are one of those people who need to try really hard to be sweat-free, here are some fashion tips to follow so you can always look stylish and well-groomed no matter how hot it is outside.

Wear a sweatproof undershirt

Undershirt for sweat
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If you are so worried about sweating, invest in an undershirt that can absorb your sweat. This will limit the types of outfit that you can wear, but ease your problem.

Pick the right colors

Dark neutrals
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Often, it is just difficult to prevent sweating no matter what kind of top you are wearing. Because of this, one of the most important fashion tips when you sweat a lot is being smart at choosing the color of your top. Bright neutral colors like white display your sweat clearly. Choose some dark neutrals like brown, black or navy.

Choose outfits with lower arm holes

Lower armhole
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Let your armpit free and provide better circulation for your chest and back area by choosing outfits with lower or loose arm holes. In fact, this type of outfit is trending during summer and in tropical areas.  You will prevent staining when you wear this outfit.

Choose outfits with cutouts

Cut outs
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Another way to add ventilation to your clothes is by utilizing cutouts. It helps you stay cool and comfortable during a hot or humid day.

Ditch the hat

Take off the hat
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Hats can be cute during summer and protect your head from the harmful UV rays too. However, it inhibits the air circulation in your hair area and can be responsible for sweat.

Choose cotton

Loose fitting summer dress
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Clothes that are made from natural fibers like cotton is better for people who sweat a lot. This is because cotton is much more breathable compared to synthetic fibers.

Never wear silk

Slik dress summer
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Wearing silk is the easiest way to look luxurious, but one of the most important fashion tips for people who sweat a lot is avoiding heavy and warm materials like silk. So avoid it if you want to reduce the sweating.

Avoid heavy bra materials

Sport bra
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Bras with lightweight padding options or sport bras are the best for people who want to avoid boob sweat. Also, make sure that the fabric absorb the sweat easily.

Pick your footwear wisely

Man sandals
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Your sweaty feet can be really smelly if you choose the wrong footwear. The easiest option is wearing sandals but for a more dressed-up appearance, you can choose lightweight sneakers paired with cotton socks to absorb the sweat.

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