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10 Types of Hat that Commonly Used By Men

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Hat is one of the fashion items that used in general as accessories. As a cover of various types of hat have been used by humans since thousands of years ago. For men, these accessories are slowly becoming a daily necessity that is useful to support the appearance. Of various styles of hats, of course not everything can be used by men. Here are the types of hat commonly used by men:

  1. Fedora


The popularity of fedora reached its peak in the 1920 until the 1950. Fedora becomes a daily accessory for many American men.

  1. Homburg


Homburg suitable for formal business appearance. Usually homburg made of animal fur or straw. Unlike the fedora, homburg has a feature of decoration or patch on the left side of the fur or ribbon folds.

  1. Trilby


Trilby has a shorter edge and slopes down on the front side and leads up behind. Trilby gained popularity in the 1960 caused by American cars that made it impossible for men to wear high hats while driving.

  1. Porkpie


Porkpie has a short edge with a flat top and a circle. The most famous porkpie is the one worn by Bryan Cranston while acting as Walter White in the movie Breaking Bad.

  1. Panama


Panama is actually a traditional straw-lined hats from Ecuador. Originally, panama is made of woven leaves of Carludovica palmata, a plant similar to a palm.

  1. Boater


Boater is a summer head cover for men. Its characteristics are inflexible edges, flat tops, and adorned with wide bands. Boater is perfect as a head accessories while wearing a blazer.

  1. Wide Flat Brim


Is a blend of wide-belled fedora and western country hat that had become the trend of men’s clothing last year.

  1. Newsboy


Also referred to as a worker’s hat, the newsboy was popular among adolescent and adult males during the early 20th century precisely around 1910 to the 1920, especially among lower-class workers.

  1. Driving cap


It has a shape and appearance almost similar to newsboy, the driving cap has no buttons on top and 8 panels.

  1. Baseball


It is the most common headwear accessories. Baseball style is perfect with casual and casual events, combined with plain shirts or casual shirts and jeans.

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