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8 Male Hair Colors that Make You Attractive in The Eyes of Women

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For women, hair is their crown. Hair can also reflect the personality of a person. Not only women, the men must always pay attention to hair style in order to attract the attention of women. Here are 8 Male Hair Colors that Make You Attractive in The Eyes of Women.

  1. Chestnut blonde.


The color of chestnut blonde is a mixture of dark hair color with golden highlights. In lighter hair, the color is mixed with caramel color. This color is perfect for dark skin and black eyes.

  1. Ginger brown.


This color is suitable for you who want to have reddish hair color. Ginger brown is a blend of brown color with reddish highlight. It is suitable for you who are brave and confident.

  1. Old chocolate.


This dark brown man’s hair color does not need a detailed explanation, does it? This color is a darker brown color than the color of natural black hair. If your hair is black, you do not have to go through the bleaching process to get this color.

  1. Cinnamon brown.


This color is a light brown color with a touch of copper color (copper). This hair color is suitable for light skin color like white and yellow langsat.

  1. Medium ash brown.


Medium ash brown color is a brownish-looking derivative that looks grayish. This color is suitable for you who are white and want a brown color that looks natural.

  1. Dark brown with blonde tips.


If you want a light male hair color, you can choose this coloring technique. With this, you can keep using bright colors even though your skin color is dark. Dark brown color that becomes the base will balance the color so it looks natural.

  1. Ash blonde.


Interested to try bright and different colors? Try this blonde ash color! In order for your hair to stay natural, you can let the roots stay black. Unfortunately, this hair color is only for those with white and yellow skin.

  1. Ombre silver hair.


The gray hair color of this man will not make you look older. However, the placement should be strategic so as not to look like gray. In general, gray hair usually grows from the hair roots. In order not to look old prematurely, you can put it as an ombre style.

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