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8 Models of High Heels for Fat Women

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Fat women need high heels to support her appearance, especially a fat woman with a short body. In order to get comfort in using high heels should women with body fat know high heels like what is suitable for use. High heels will make women look more stylish and feminine of course. Here are some types of high heels for fat women.

1.Avoid Heels with Soles Are Adequate


The thing that should be avoided for obese women is to choose the heels with the sole or the bottom part of the taper.

2.The Pointy Tip


Tips on choosing high heels for other obese women is to choose the heels with a pointed tip. These heels will give a high impression on obese women.

3.Pump Heels


For fat women with large calves is perfect for using this type of heels, in addition to comfortable heels are also suitable for women fat.



Heels that are suitable for women fat and do not give bad effect on the feet are wedges.

5.Boots Heels


High heels for later obese women that are suitable for use are boots heels. These heels are reserved for fat ladies who have half-tomboy souls. These boots if used will feature the impression of a female cowboy.

6.Avoid Heels Many Ties


One way to choose high heels for other obese women is to avoid heels with many ties.

7.Heels with Narrow Space


One of the things to avoid is choosing heels with narrow space or space. Indeed, obese women have a foot that is more full and larger than the ideal weight woman.

8.Kitten Heels


How to choose high heels for other obese women is to choose low heels like kitten heels. This type of heels is also suitable for fat women who first learn to use high heels.

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