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9 New Ways to Wear Jeans to Show Off Your Style This Spring

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Each season, the trend changes. And what was hip the previous year will likely change the current year. But there will be one thing that remains relevant till the end of time: a nice pair of jeans. Time has tested this versatile outfit over and over again and the result is always the same: it withstands any kind of season, whatever year it is, and whatever the current political or environmental state of the world. But even though it is easy to just don your denim like anybody else does, it will be a lot cooler to find new ways to wear jeans.

This season is full of interesting fashion trends. To look incredibly stylish, here are some fresh ways to wear jeans this season.

With a blouse and sneakers

Blouse and sneakers
Source: alittledetail

Boyfriend jeans and sneakers are effective combination that works well since the beginning of time. But the novel way to wear jeans? Wear a ladylike top. The combo is surprising and original, but interesting.

With a pair of lace-up sandals

Lace up sandals
Source: songofstyle

A pair of good old blue jeans and a white button down s a basic combination, but add a nice pair of lace-up sandals and voila! Your perfect spring/summer style is here.

With a busy top

Statement top
Source: andeelayne

A nice, basic pair of jeans is a good background that works very nicely when paired with a busier statement top. Try a sculptural top and if you want to get noticed on the streets.

With a statement trench

Statement trench
Source: purewow

Basic denim paired with a basic tee or shirt can be the perfect canvas for a bolder layer. A statement trench fits the role perfectly.

With a belt bag

Jeans and belt bag
Source: pinterest

Do you know that belt bag is trending this season? You can wear jeans with a belt bag and look awesome! Just get the right top like a sweater or a graphic tee and blazer or coat.

With loafers and a floral top

Loafers and floral top
Source: girlsmeetsgold

Get in the spring mood with this style! Just wear jeans with your floral top and  finish the look with a pair of loafers and you are ready to bring your fresh ideas to work.

With a cropped jacket and heels

Cropped jacket
Source: fashion-agony

Want to look slender and tall? Wearing a cropped jacket is the easiest way to cause a visual trick. Your waist will seem higher than it actually is and you will look taller. Maximize the supermodel look by wearing a pair of skinnies and high heels.

With colorful anklets

Colorful cardigan
Source: purewow

Have you heard the latest news about anklets? They are back this season! Get yourself some colorful anklets to wear with your (not so low!) jeans and complete the look with a cardigan of equally bold colors.

With platform sandals

Platform sandals
Source: lookbook

If you don’t shoes with high heels are casual enough but you still want to look taller and skinnier,, distressed jeans and platform sandals should be your best friends this season. This is also an interesting way to wear jeans.

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