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9 Spring Fashion Trends That Are Becoming The Most Popular This Year

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The spring has always come with beautiful and unique spring fashion trends that are worth to try and adopt. The warmer weather which is just at the right temperature with a hint of winter breeze makes us ready for shorter dresses and a better variety of shoes. And  so people are getting creative with their fashion.

So far, these spring fashion trends have become very huge. Be a part of the trend by adopting the look as your fashion.

White polka dots

Polka dot
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White polka dots are also on the rise. This pattern starts popping everywhere this spring, from dresses to jumpsuits and even shoes. Adopt this chic and feminine pattern this spring.

Bold stripes

Bold stripes
Source: memorandum

Want to make a statement? That bold stripes should be your friend. Pair a midi dress of bright colors and bold stripe pattern and wear a similarly eye-catching pair of shoes or a bag to make a statement.

One-shoulder dress

Source: purewow

Since it gets warmer already, the one-shoulder dress is now getting popular, too. This type of dress flatters every body type and you can wear the style to any occasion, like weddings, parties, and even work events.

Big earrings

Hoop earrings
Source: whowhatwear

If you are still wearing your classic gold pair of earrings these days, maybe it is time to change your accessories a little. Statement hoops are the current spring fashion trends. Make it extra fun by choosing bright colors, chunky blings, or obvious chains.


Source: pinterest

Maybe it is millennial things, but pastels are definitely one of the latest spring fashion trends.   The color hue is feminine and subtle, from lavender to lilac to powder blue: pastels can never go wrong.

Midi skirts

Midi skirt
Source: blueisinfashionthisyear

Basically, these spring fashion trends are full of skirts of many varieties. But midi skirts trend is just huge. Wear your favorte midi skirts with an oversize sweater for the best look this spring.

Clashing colors

Color combinations
Source: blogspot

Bold and unique color combinations are probably not for everyone, but it is the one of the latest spring fashion trends. And, it is huge. Bright hues can look very interesting when paired with other bright hues, especially on the opposing wheels. Who would have guessed?


Lavender dresses
Source: aliexpress

This season is full of lavender. While it is probably weird because a single color can be so trendy, people apparently think that it is a very good idea to wear lilac everywhere. So, start getting some lavender outfits!


Source: purewow

If you want some extra height, than you will love this year’s spring fashion trends. Flatforms are one of the trending items this year. So wear a pair and look fabolous!

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