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Inspirations of Modern Hair for Your Memorable Wisdom

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Bun or make an appearance of updo on your hair can indeed make a graceful appearance instantly. We know there are many events that imply to look neat with formal style and of course, bun. For example to the party, invitation, prom night, until graduation. Here are Inspirations of Modern Hair for Your Memorable Wisdom

1.Roll your hair to the back, it can apply to curly hair owners who want to look more presentable


Most of your hair is collected in the back. Do not forget to add accessories that match the clothes you wear.

  1. The braid accent that frames your face can be used to make your hair look as sweet and elegant as a queen


Side braid style can also do if your bangs are long enough. You can also slash in the middle to give the volume of hair in your head.

  1. Owner of straight hair did not want to lose. The bun of the snail model with additional accessories on the edge can make you more attractive


The bun of this snail model you can apply. Stay until-until your hair becomes one part.

  1. Who says wearing that bun should be 100% neat? This rather messy style just adds to the appeal of your hair


In this style, neat hair is not the ultimate goal. The important thing is how to collect hair back in a messy way.

  1. Accessory is the key. Especially if your hair is dark black. The glow can be more radiated


Wearing accessory around your bun can also be done even for very simple buns.

  1. Roll hair with french-twist style as a stewardess can also be used for you who want a simple party


The style of French-twist that often encounter in the hairstyles of the flight attendants. This style is relatively easy to apply.

  1. Your hair is not too long? No need to worry, make a mini rag in the back with a little feel can give volume in your hair


If your hair is not long, you can apply this style above. Comb your hair neatly then collect in the back forming a mini hair roll.

  1. Alternative by using crystal bandana also you can do to beautify your hair without complicated


By using headbands, the ‘messy’ hairstyle will look nice for graduation or wedding.

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