10 easy blue eye makeup for beginners

10 Easy Blue Eye Makeup for Beginners

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If you are born with blue eyes, it is mean that you are one of those lucky women. Makeup tutorial for blue eyes are not as tricky as you may think. It is because blue eyes are already speak volumes on their own. So, putting colors on your lids is not always necessary. Here are some makeup look for blue eyes to make your blue eyes shine and sparkle.

1. Burgundy Makeup Look

Burgundy makeup look

This makeup look will open your beautiful eyes and make them pop. This color is super flattering on blue eyes. If you want to catch everyone’s attention, this look is for you.

2. Purple Smokey Eye

Purple smokey eye

This purple smokey eye will help accentuate your blue eyes. This look combines peachy and purple eye shadows to create a bold look that’ll last all day. Follow the steps below and easily recreate this stunning look.

3. Rose Gold Makeup Look

Rose gold makeup look

Pinks, golds, coppers, and rich browns all work well with blue eyes. This look is perfect choice for special occasions.

4. Gold Makeup Look

Gold makeup look

A mix of gold, brown and purple will make a great contrast with any shade of blue eyes.

5. Black Matte Smokey Eye

Black matte smokey eye

The key for a perfect smokey eye is blending. Your smokey eye should be softly blended at the edges, without any harsh lines. Pair your smokey eye with a nude color lipstick for balance.

6. Basic Eyeshadow Look

Basic eyeshadow look

This simple brown look will certainly bring out all of the blueness in your eyes.

7. Cut Crease

Cut crease

Start with eye primer, apply it to the entire lid, apply base shadow and white highlight. Sketch in a crease liner with a black eyeliner and slowly blend the liner out with a shading brush. Apply and blend a purple eye shadow (or any color) over the line. Add eye shadow underneath the lower lash line and wing out your eyeliner. Finish it with mascara, false lashes and some white highlight in the inner corner of the eye.

8. Simple Everyday Look

Simple everyday look

Apply your eye primer and base shadow all over the lid, enhance your eye by highlighting the inner corner of the eye, the center of the lid and under the brow with your lightest shadow and blend that shade using large, fluffy blending brush. Add a bit of the darkest color underneath the lower lash line.

9. Easy Smokey Eye

Easy smokey eye

Priming your eye, apply gold, shimmery shadow on your entire lid and above the crease. Line the upper lash line with your favorite eye pencil in black color, smudge the line with a brush and apply a matte, dark brown shade over your eyelid and additionally smudge the pencil with it. Dip the tip of the brush into a black eye shadow and carefully pat it over the eyeliner, Finish your look with two coats of your favorite mascara.

10. Simple Everyday Gold Look



Simple everyday gold look

The combination of gold shadow and black eyeliner will make your blue eyes pop. This makeup is the best option for you who want a quick glam makeup look.

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