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10 Right Items For Fat Women’s Casual Style

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If you still feel insecure with your appearance, Seasonoutfit will give you tips on casual style of the right obese woman. Because by using the correct style, you will look attractive and cool. Here are 10 items that are appropriate for casual style of obese women.

  1. See-through Dress


Usually dress that has a see-through accent has a shorter fabric layer on the inside, then a longer transparent fabric. Therefore, your body will look more fit and proportional.

  1. High Heels


High heels can support anyone’s height. Using high heels or sandals, your feet will look longer and lighter. This can make your body look very proportionate.

  1. Sports Shoes


when using sports shoes, calves and thighs can seem to look smaller.

  1. Belt on a Dress


Belt or rope accent on the abdomen can make the illusion of a slimmer stomach. This is because the accent will form an hourglass pattern on your body, so the body will look slimmer.

  1. Clutch


Look for clutch size fit for one hand. You can find various models of beautiful clutch in the online store.

  1. Boots


Using boots for casual style ladies fat is a bit tricky. Because not all models of boots suitable for use by obese people. Choose a straight model without stack.

  1. Trousers


For obese people should avoid baggy pants, flares, boot cut, wide leg, sailor, harem and palazzo. Should use pants with straight cuts, skinny, pegged, stirrup, jodhpurs, and shorts.

  1. Flat Shoes


Use flat shoes that have a large decoration on the front so that people diverted their focus on the decoration.

  1. Skirt


For overweight people, we recommend using a skirt above the knee, maxi skirt, flare skirt, high waist skirt, and pencil skirt.

  1. Square Hijab


The last casual woman casual style recommendation is square hijab. The rectangular hood is very easily formed and more able to minimize fat cheeks.

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