Thick mohawk fade
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Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles for Men

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If you are not the type who works an office 9 to 5 job, and instead more of the artsy, edgy, rebellious type who work for yourself or a manly blue collar job that doesn’t require you to dress neatly, expressing yourself through the right, bold hairstyle may seem interesting. A mohawk cut is one of the best hairstyle for such image. It has been the symbol of bravery of the American Indian people and has been adopted by the 70’s punks. Nowadays, mohawks are still relevant, resurrected in the forms of mohawk fade hairstyles.

There are a large varieties of mohawk fade hairstyles. Here are some of them that you can check out for your reference.

Short Mohawk Fade

Short mohawk fade short mohawk fade hairstyle - latest men haircuts
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Short mohawk fade hairstyles are stylish and masculine. It can also enhance the fullness of your hair if you don’t have some thick bunch. The hairstyle is nice enough to rock either for people who are waiting for their hair to grow longer or just want some more modern version of regular mohawk.

Long Mohawk Fade

Long mohawk fade
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This well-groomed mohawk fade cut extends to both sides of the scalp and probably is the most balanced look between punk and polished.

Tapered  Mohawk Fade

Tapered mohawk fade
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This is one of the most popular mohawk fade hairstyles this year.  If you want a sleek and modern mohawk fade style that is universally loved by people, this will work, especially if you have a day job but you’re just a punk rocker inside. With this haircut, you taper down your hair gradually to a clean shave. Edgy, but still neat and polished.

Burst fade mohawk

Burst fade
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This mohawk cut is best for men with thick locks. Around the ear area, the cut curves down to the back part of the head. Then, around the neck, the hair is left unshaven slightly longer.

Side mohawk

Side mohawk
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Instead of creating the traditional high-rise mohawk, to attain this style, you gather your locks up but then pull it up than to one side of your head. The combination of punk and emo style will make you look super stylish.

Thick Mohawk Fade

Thick mohawk fade
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This requires patience and determination, but when you finally manages to grow a thick hair and style it into  a beautiful mohawk fade, everybody’s hair will just look pale compared to yours.

Skin Fade

Skin fade
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for the ultimate edgy look borrowed from the traditions of skinheads and mohawk punk rockers, fade the hair of both sides of your head until you get to the skin. Just get the right low or high skin fade to represent the more subtle or bolder look you aim for.

Curly Fade

Curly mohawk fade
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Don’t think mohawk styles are only for those with straight hair. You can rock some awesome mohawk fade hairstyles with your curly hair.

Mohawk fade with beard

Mohwak beard
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Mohawk fade with beard is the very definition of perfect. Go for this look if you are into growing facial hair.


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