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8 Ways to Wear Wide Leg Pants But Still Make You Look Much Slimmer

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In fashion, wide leg pants come and go to become a trend. Because of its design, wide leg pants will always be comfortable to wear on all occasions. The problem is, sometimes wide leg pants can make a fat impression on you if you can’t find the right pair of it. So, what should you do in order to make you look much slimmer while wearing wide leg pants? Just check some ways below.

  1. Combine with Vertical Stripe Blazer

1. vertical stripe blazer
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However, vertical stripe is useful in creating an illusion of body slim for you when you wear it. So, there will be no worries anymore if you want to wear your wide leg pants.

  1. Cropped Top

2. cropped top
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It’s important to remember when you wear wide leg pants, just combine it with proper fit top or cropped top. It benefits to make your torso looks slimmer to balance your wide pants.

  1. Pointed Toes

3. pointed toes
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It’s simple but significant to help you look much slimmer when you wear wide leg pants.

  1. Tiny Belt

4. tiny belt
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Acentuate your waist with tiny belt to support your wide leg pants. It is nice and useful to make you look much slimmer.

  1. Insert the Top

5. combine with v-neck top
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You can choose neutral color of top to pair with your wide leg pants then insert it into the pants. In this case, V-neck top is best for you. Just try it!

  1. Tie Shirt

6. tie shirt
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One of efforts you can try is tie the tip of your shirt when you combine it with wide leg pants. It’s nice to make you look much slimmer and cool.

  1. Matching Top

7. matching top
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Other ways to wear wide leg pants but still make you look much slimmer is by wearing matching color or material with the pants. For example, indigo denim shirt with denim wide leg pants. Then, insert the shirt into the pants so you’ll look chic and slim.

  1. Combine with High Heels

8. combine with high heels
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Some people agree that high heels are so beautiful and fit to combine with maxi dress or under knee skirt. Then, it’s also very suitable and fit to combine with wide leg pants to help you look much slimmer and fashionable.

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