10 Veil Models for Round Face and Cheeky Cheeks

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If you have a round face shape, you may often feel less confident when wearing a veil for some things. There are some people who complain because their faces look like balls, others complain because their hoods make their cheeks look more opaque.

  1. Tassel


Tassel is usually found in Bohemian blouse. But, that does not mean tassel accents can not be installed in other objects. The proof, tassel accents always successfully make the veil look sweeter.

  1. Pashmina


Pashmina is a hooded model for round face as well. Pashmina is a long scarf, so easily created into any shape.

  1. Rigid Material


The rather stiff hood material is a good friend of women with pierced cheeks. This method can make your round face look longer.

  1. Cross


Recommended veil model for round face which next there khimar with cross accent (cross) on the front. Khimar is the appropriate veil of Islamic shari’ah, the head covering that does not form the body and cover the chest.

  1. Fringe


The fringe accent is similar to a tassel accent, where the placement is usually at the end of the veil. Fringe is a tassel accent that looks like a torn fabric.

  1. Two Tones


Veil that only has one color may sound boring and very ordinary. You must try to wear a hood with two colors.

  1. Full Pattern


This veil is an instant hijab, so it is very practical to use. Uniquely, this veil has two holes on the left and right face intended for the sunglasses.

  1. Cotton


The cotton veil is a favorite of many people. This is because cotton is very comfortable to use, can absorb sweat well, and also a bit rigid so easily formed.

  1. Khimar


Khimar has a unique accent, which is splitting on the right and left, so the shape of your arm will be visible.

  1. Instant Pashmina


Recommended veil model for the last round face there is instant pashmina. This instant pashmina is made from soft bubble crepe that can be stretch.

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