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8 Ways to Use Red Lipstick to Make You More Attractive

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Appearance makeup with red lipstick make you look more elegant once wearing red lipstick. Sometimes yourself still likes to doubt this lipstick because the color is striking. If you do not know the tricks, your elegant style is a total failure.

  1. Healthy lips make your red lipstick look beautiful. Get used to rub the lip slowly use a toothbrush


You can use a toothbrush to remove the dead skin instantly. With a routine brushing every toothbrush, when red lipstickĀ  is used, it will make your lips look more beautiful.

  1. You can also use a moisturizer before applying red lipstick. Not only makes the lips healthy, but also maintain the natural color of your lips


You can start using lip balm before applying red lipstick.

  1. Use lip liner for the red color lipstick more tidy and durable


By using lip liner first as a base on the lips, then the lipsik red color will be more neat and durable. The curve of your lips will look more charming and elegant.

  1. The MUA used to wear brush when polishing lipstick. This is important to keep the look of the lips remain beautiful and charming


Want any form of lipstick you wear, even if it is a stick, you should still use a brush to apply lipstick on the lips.

  1. Powder sneak not just for the face, but also can make a durable lipstick color


Your red lipstick can be durable with talcum powder.

  1. Sometimes, there is just the wrong lipstick polish. Well, you can save using concealer or foundation


You can use the brush concealer or foundation carefully around the lips to disguise the color of lipstick out of the lip line.

  1. Red color looks more elegant with a little touch of glossy. Try using liquid lipstick


Striking red colors look good when there is a slight touch of glossy.

  1. Red lipstick make your face look heavy, consider it with light makeup


Just select the natural color eyeshadow and thin eyeliner, then the combination of your makeup with red lipstick is very beautiful.

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