8 Ways to Use Scarf to Make You More Attractive

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This versatile fabric has many forms, such as square scarf and long scarf. Scarf can make your appearance more stylish. At this time, we will provide tips about how to tie a scarf that you can follow to be different in every event.

1.Scarf with Maddox style can make you look feminine.


First, you fold the fabric into the same triangle shape. Then cross the end of the triangle at the neck, and drag it back again. Let sticking out at the edges.

  1. A rectangular Scarf with Napoleon style can make you more elegant.


First you put the left side above the right. Then you enter the left side at the base of the bond, and pull it slowly. To be more neat, you can pin a small pin on the back.

  1. Wear a long scarf with Allure style.


Cover the scarf with the backward position, then cross and pull again forward. After that, trim the front neck for more loose. Then let your scarf cover your chest.

  1. Loose end style can make you look fresh.


First install a scarf on your neck with one-third. After that, wrap it around the neck. Then the remaining edge you can input in the winding, then tie with the other end. In addition, do not forget to choose materials that are not too thick yes.

  1. Wear a scarf with looper style.


First, hold the scarf in the center, then tie the two ends of the scarf. After that, you cross, and backwards. Now a beautiful scarf has a pretty circle around your neck.

  1. Wear a French-style scarf.


First you fold the same length of scarf. Then circle on the neck and insert the tip of the crease into the base. After that pull and tidy.

  1. Be different when the office is not a sin. Try relaxed style to be more fun.


First you wear a scarf in the middle. Then, form a wide bond on one side of the scarf.

  1. You can also look more attractive with a homemade bandana.


First you tie the scarf on the forehead twice. After that tie again on the back. In this way you can look more beautiful and attractive.

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