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10 Mix and Match of Black and White Outfit

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No wonder there are many people are not interested in this black and white outfit. And if you are smart in mix and match clothes, your appearance will look elegant. Here are 10 mix & match of black & white outfit that you must know.

  1. Be the unique bride! Wedding dress motif lines will be a choice that is okay once.


You can design a wedding dress using black and white. Pair also with the head cover of a plain white tulle cloth.

  1. Try wearing a wide-cut white shirt with tight black pants wrapping the legs.


Plain white shirt will make you attractive if combined with black tights.

  1. If you are tired of your white shirt model that’s it-just wrote, just add a thick scarf of any color around your neck.


Find a elegant colored scarf and wrap around the neck.

  1. Do you want to go on a semi-formal date? Put on a black symmetrical striped white dress.


The white-colored mini dress with a symmetrical gitam line is not too flashy to keep you company.

  1. Shown sporty but still style is easy. You just combine black training pants with a wide T-shirt as a boss.


You can combine it with a rather wide shirt with white and black along the shoulder. In addition, other accessories such as hats and bags of dark color can also be combined

  1. In order for your appearance to be more perfect, wear a plain white t-shirt and long black skirt as his subordinates.


A plain white T-shirt and a lace-length black skirt may have gone too far. Just add the vest denim on top of your white shirt.

  1. Try to choose a long shirt plaid combined with long skirt and knee-length skirt. Also wear black boots to support the appearance.


Use a long checkered plaid shirt then mix with black leggings and then add a white knee-length skirt.

  1. Flannel shirt patterned black and white plaid can be made tops. Pair also with crop tee and jeans so you look more cool.


Combine a white crop tee with mini ripped jeans. Also wear a long flannel shirt with black and white checkered motifs.

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