8 Mix & Match Blazer That You Must Know

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If you still think that the blazer is just for a formal event, you are wrong. Please refer to the following mix and match blazer, surely you will be crazy about the blazer that could make a non-formal event as well.

  1. Go to work or campus will not be ‘stiff’ again with this layer blazer. Not only pants, you can also use skirt .


In addition combined with pants as a subordinate, you can also pair with skirt or long skirt if you want to look feminine.

  1. With dominated white color, your appearance with wear a blazer will be sweeter and cool


The neutral color can be combined with any subordinate and akeseoris. No mini skirts, jeans or skirts can produce a beautiful and modern vintage impression.

  1. Combine blazer with jeans


Try to pair your blazer with jeans to be more chic but still casual. Mix and match this one can also apply on semi formal or non-formal events.

  1. If you are not hijab, you must try blend blazer with neutral jeans.


Because of flexibility, jeans that can be combined with superiors and any accessories. Choose a blazer with bright pastel colors to look young and fresh.

  1. Are you confused by wearing a blazer during a casual event? It’s time to you combine jumpsuit and blazer jeans that are anti-mainstream.


You can choose a blazer made from jeans and jumpsuit patterned light as flowers, lines or small polcadot motif and plain color.

  1. Pair with hijab and appropriate clothes


With this cape blazer you can look elegant without the need to overdo it. Especially if you mix and match with the hijab and matching pants.

  1. With the addition of kulot pants, plain cape blazer is also good to use


A good combination of cape blazer and kulot pants like this, can make perfect outfit choice, can be used in semi-formal or formal events.

  1. Blazer that was formal and rigid will look more fun with bright colors.


As long as you are good at choosing bright colors on your outfit and blazer, the formal and rigid impression will disappear instantly. Choose soft pastel colors, don’t choose bright colors.

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