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Loose pants, inherited styles, and Hawaiian shirts are a popular trend that can be easily traced back to what can only be known as “father style.” Practical? Check. Comfortable? Certainly. I may already have it? Ideal. However, critically, the father style is not an invitation to extract your most reprehensible pieces under the “fashion mode” cover so you have to consider upgrading some of your basic content to a more decent version. You don’t need to actually have kids to be able to pull off the look. You just need to have the right gear and know how to rock it.

Hawaiian Shirt

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Nowadays the designers have given fresh spin on the Hawaiian shirts with slimming shapes and focusing on vibrant but sophisticated prints. You can rock one to be ironic, or just wear it with solid chinos or light denim and pull off a fatherly flex—especially with a white tee underneath.

Pleated Pants

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Pleated pants are the workhorse of every dad style wardrobe. The wide legs further for maximum fatherly fashion appeal.

Dad Cap

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The curved-brim cap is the perfect topper to any dad style outfit. Also known as “vacation hats,” these canvas ball caps may feature the name of some town where your family spent the summer in the ‘80s or ’90s. But now there are a lot of writing or images you can choose to customize your dad style.

Dad Sneakers

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When it comes to sneakers, heritage styles reign supreme. Old and young people alike use sneakers because of the comfort they provide. Thanks to the rise in athleisure, sneakers have gotten some serious attention of late, the pair that your father wore while he was in college are now back in full force.

Tuck In Shirt

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Dad’s most distinctive style is to tuck a shirt into his pants and tighten it with a belt that is also a fashion statement. Whether it’s polo or tee, rules are still rules.

Stonewash Dad Jeans

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Dad jeans are two things: high waist and washable until forgotten. The perfect breather is a lighter stonewashed (but not acid-washed) pair—like the ones dear old dad used to sport. This pair of Levi’s jeans are cut straight with an overall relaxed silhouette.

The Argyle Sweater Vest

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The argyle sweater vest will always be associated with dads. This classic pattern works best as a layering item under a jacket or blazer.

Fanny Packs

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Not even we could have predicted this accessory would back as a huge trend. For those who don’t need a briefcase (too corporate) or a backpack (too collegiate) or a tote (too over-the-shoulder-y), you can consider the fanny pack. It’s small enough to carry the essentials, and you can strap it to your damn body so you’ll never forget it.

Pulled Up Socks

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Remember the good old days when your dad hiding his handsome ankles with a pair of socks? The higher the sock, the closer to style Nirvana was their silent mantra. Now the trend is back again, and already many cool boys spotted apply it in their looks. Make your dad proud and don’t be caught showing ankle this summer.

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