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9 Multi Tone Sandals Outfit

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Sandals not only function as footwear for you, but also as an important thing to support your look. Surely, it will be nice when you pair it with matching outfit either in its tone or design. In this post, we’ll discuss about the tone of sandals that is trendy right now. There are two or more tone sandal you can match with your favorite outfit. Not only that, you can also match its color with a bag, clutch even your hair color. Just scroll down to find the inspirations!

  1. Black Outfit


Ankle strap sandals are so beautiful when it pairs with short. Especially, the three tone sandals, which really distract black and white as the dominant tone on you.

  1. Electric Blue Dress


You can have a perfect look by wearing matching dresses with multi tone sandals that has blue on it. Moreover the existence of the statement necklace make you look more chic.

  1. Matching Bag Strap


Multi tone sandals are not only allowed to be matched to your outfit, it will be matched with your bag strap as well. Just try this nice idea!

  1. Casual Outfit


Flat sandals will be comfortable to pair with casual outfits. In this case, the combination of black and khaki are simple and nice to have a casual impression on you.

  1. A Combination of Black and Khaki


It’s still about two tone sandals that really nice and comfortable for you. Black and khaki can be a choice that matching with your denim short and lace top.

  1. Mini Skirt, hand bag and Two Tone Sandals


Doing activities outside confidently with nice outfit and two tone sandals are good for you.

  1. Yellow Dress


No need to be afraid of experimenting the tones to have an attractive look. Yellow dress is so lovely to combine with blue clutch and two tone sandals.

  1. Floral Top


Even though the orange skirt and clutch are dominant, but it seems the two tone sandals, very attracted everyone’s attention.

  1. Hearty Red on Denim Shirt


It can be said you are creative enough when you can find a way to match the tone of your outfit with your sandals. Well, the existence of the hearty red on the denim shirt is a smart way to match the outfit with the two tone sandals.

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