Teeny Tiny Girls Tattoo That Will Win Your Heart

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Choosing a good outfit takes time and careful consideration as well as about a tattoo. In fact it is permanent, which means it needs more thought. Tiny tattoos may have be discreet and dainty in size, but these little artworks prove that size does not matter when talking about ink. A tiny tattoo has great meaning and great influence on your style. With beautiful little tattoos out there, it really never feels like you’re missing out if you just have some adorable little tattoos!

The Mountains

Tiny tattoo 1
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Mountains are elements of nature imposed by their greatness, majesty and, often, danger. A mountain tattoo symbolizes that you will never give up and you will always find a way to overcome your obstacles and reach the top of what you set out in life.

A Lotus

Tiny tattoo 2
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When in doubt, choose the classic symbol that will stand the test of time, one of which is the lotus flower. There are many varieties of lotus tattoos, choose the one that best suits your personality.

Musical Note

Tiny tattoo 3
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Musical note tattoo on your ears is a sweet and precise thing. This tattoo seems to remind you to listen to good things and throw away bad things in your life.


Tiny tattoo 4
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Wings on the ankle just like Hermes, that agile and love to wandering. For those who love freedom, this is the right tattoo for you. This wing states that you are free to make your choice of life and enjoy it.

Zodiac Constellation

Tiny tattoo 5
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Give a real personal touch to your tattoo by creating a zodiac constellation. Simple but meaningful points are cute things that you can show off to the world.

The Dove

Tiny tattoo 6
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The dove ranks as one of the most widely-known symbols around the world, universally representing peace and love. Make sure you look at a variety of different dove tattoo designs before you make your choice. There are thousands of different tattoo styles, designs, and meanings to choose from.


Tiny tattoo 7
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Diamonds are all about strength and overcoming pressure to transform into something beautiful. They are also great ways to show glamor, power, and a taste for the finer things in life. Also¬†diamond is a women best friend, so what’s better than inking your good friend onto your skin?


Tiny tattoo 8
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Tattoos can have a lot of meaning to a person, especially tattoos with quotes. You can have any quote turned into a small design. When choosing a quote for a tiny tattoo choose a short quote with a dainty font. The tattoo featured is subtle, minimal and stylish. It is great for inspiration.


Tiny tattoo 9
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Looking for something dainty and colorful? Then this tiny tattoo idea may be for you. It features a small purple flower that has been placed on the ear. It is stylish and can be covered easily. You could have any flower designed, just choose your favorite.


Tiny tattoo 10
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The anchor is the representation of the strength and stability or of someone who maintains us and gives us strength to cling to it. But something simpler than that can also be attributed to someone who likes the ocean or just about the decor she likes.

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