Coolest Ways to Wear Florals This Spring

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Can you imagine Spring without a blooming tree? Neither do we! We got back together with nature and searched for new feminine and floral spring clothes to spice up the wardrobe. Soft colors or dark colors, both are good choices for any woman to wear them.

Wide Leg Pants

Floral outfit 1
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Floral wide-legged pants that combined with a striped top looks sweet to wear this spring. Choose the color of the stripes that in order with the pants, as not to create the excessive look.


Floral outfit 2
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Floral jumpsuit is great for  a night out or a weekend brunch. The bold print draws the eye from top to bottom so everyone will be admiring you everywhere you go. For a casual moment, you can wear a denim jacket as an outer and a plain blazer for formal.

Floral Suit

Floral outfit 3
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Matching coordinates may seem like something your mother made you wear back in the day, but they’re also a quick way to look put together. This floral suit is something you need for your spring office look.

Hand Bag

Floral outfit 4
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Not always about clothes, pants or dresses, celebrating spring can also be with statement accessories. This flower handbag is a center of attention of the over all outfit.


Floral outfit 5
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A floral kimono with a lightweight material makes you float as you walk, and as if you are walking surrounded by flowers. There are many outfit options that can be combined with kimonos. Tied or not, the choice is yours.

Silk Scarf

Floral outfit 6
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It’s surprising how small things can change your overall look. To highlight your scarf, wear a plain outfit or with a neutral color.

A Line Skirt

Floral outfit 7
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The free-flowing shape of this skirt makes it an easy spring favorite. Dress up this full skirt with a button-down blouse, or dress it down with a T-shirt for a signature, statement look.


Floral outfit 8
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Give a small surprise to your appearance with flower shoes. There are many kinds of flower shoes out there, heels for sexy impression, flats for casual or boots for an edgy look.

Fit and Flare Dress

Floral outfit 9
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This must have item is perfect to emphasize feminine curve.  The waistband will accentuate your feminine waist and make you look slimmer and if you combine this with high heels you boost the slimming effect.

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