10 Worthy Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

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Your wedding dress is take a huge part of your wedding day look. But there are so much more to consider; bridal accessories, wedding makeup and of course, wedding hair style. No matter what style your hair is, it is a make-or-break detail that pulls your whole look together. Worry not, because we have pulling together 10 worthy wedding hairstyles for every length below. From beautiful braids to bombshell buns, scroll on for some inspiration.

1. Floral Braid for Long Hair

Floral braid for long hair

This Boho hairstyle with pretty pink flowers woven throughout send the romance factor through the roof. It’s the perfect finishing touch for an ethereal Grecian gown or crocheted sheath style.

2. Voluminous Chignon

Voluminous chignon

Classic bun is timelessly elegance. Add volume to the top and allow a few wisps of hair to fly free for a subtle, modern edge and don’t forget the red lipstick.

3. Messy Crown Braid

Messy crown braid

Who needs a tiara when you can do up those luscious locks like this? Soften a contemporary column dress with this beautifully undone style, or amplify the old-world charm of a glitzy art deco gown.

4. Crowned Classic Style for Medium Hair

Crowned classic style for medium hair

Embrace pared-down styles that pack just as much polish. A statement accessory, like this crystal headwrap, will make a classic half-up hairdo feel wedding-ready in seconds.

5. Classic French Twist

Classic french twist

Let a standout back shine by keeping your hairstyle simple. This French twist is the epitome of sophistication, but won’t detract from your dress’s best features.

6. Sideswept Style

Sideswept style

This sideswept bun won’t disappoint. For a fun touch, skip the traditional blusher veil for a bandeau or birdcage style.

7. Ornate headbands

Ornate headbands

Be simple with a show-stopping headpiece that isn’t afraid to turn a few heads. A floral number like this will keep guests talking about your impeccable bridal style for years to come.

8. Sleek Petite Bun for Short Hair

Sleek petite bun for short hair

You don’t need long hair to achieve a stunning style, and this elegant twist is proof. You can also team it with classic pearl drops and a fingertip-length blusher veil.

9. Short Romantic Bob

Short romantic bob

Loose curls and a dainty floral headpiece are all you need to take your wedding-day look into hopelessly romantic territory.

10. Retro Curls and a Birdcage Veil

Retro curls and a birdcage veil

Short, sideswept curls and a retro birdcage veil are a match made in matrimonial heaven.

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