8 Tricks to Choose The Color of Hair Dye

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Hair coloring is one way to change the old look that is considered to be boring. You can do this by asking for help from professionals in the salon or using a hair dye product. Here are 8 tricks to choose the color of hair dye.

  1. Check Hair Dye Products


Choosing hair color is required precision, because the images listed on the packaging and hair samples can give different results.

  1. Ask for Help from the Experts


For hair color highlighting technique, better ask the help of experienced colorist to put hair color that can frame the face with beautiful.

  1. Do not Choose Different Hair Colors


For example if you have brown hair color, use a caramel or brownish brown paint color, which gives a natural glow.

  1. Damaged Hair Treatment Before Coloring


Do not forget to always shampoo and utilize hair mask to get beautiful and healthy hair back.

  1. Dark Hair Coloring Tricks


To get the best ombre color, it takes bleaching which is a complex and difficult process. So leave this task on the colorist hand, to get the desired ombre hair color combination.

  1. Do Color Test Before Starting


Simply apply a little hair dye on the hidden part of the hair, to see how the hair color is produced. If it is not appropriate can be changed to another color before all the hair exposed by hair dye.

  1. When Hair Color is Too Dark


Using a hair dye that is too dark can cover the beauty of natural hair. Instead of looking more fresh and youthful, but instead looks dull and older than actual age. To prevent this from happening, do not leave hair paint too long in the hair because it can leave a darker color.

  1. Styling The Hair


After have a dream hair color, the choice of styling the best latest hairstyle is in your hands. Start from the curl or straighten.

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