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The Most Essential Makeup Tricks for Older Women

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Nobody can fight aging, despite all our attempt to slow it down. We can only accept the fact that youth doesn’t last forever and try to age gracefully. If you’re one of those mature or older women who love experimenting with makeup, you don’t have to let your age and signs of aging prevent you from having fun and looking your best. Here are some makeup tricks that would be really great to adopt by older women with all their specific facial problems.

Good moisturizer is a must

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If your skin is dry especially because aging makes you lose your skin’s ability to hydrate and rejuvenate itself, then it is absolutely necessary to invest in a high quality moisturizer. Choose some cream-based moisturizer for dry skin. If it is oily instead, water-based moisturizer works better.

Choose the right foundation

Appyling foundation
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There are some makeup brands that released special foundations that have been formulated for mature skin types. The anti-aging ingredients will help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines, and patchy skin.

Curl the eyelashes

Curling eyelashes
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To draw the attention away from the wrinkles around your eyes area, you can try using some eyelash curler before applying some. Just make sure you use a plastic curler instead of the metal one because it gives better shape.

Use under eye cream

Under eye cream
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As you get older, dark circles around your eyes get more prominent and it is something natural as the skin in the area is just a lot thinner compared to other parts of the body. One of the best makeup tricks to hide this is by applying under eye cream regularly.

Natural eye shadow adds a pop

Natural eye makeup
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For mature women, the rule to applying eye shadow is: less is more. Never choose shades with glitter and shimmer on your aging eyelids. Using more than two colors is also not a good idea. During the day, natural shades is the best. Older women can use a blend of two shades (of no contrasting or clashing hues!) for a night out.

Use lip liner

Lip liner
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Lip liner can give you a more defined look of the lips that make them look fuller and prevent the lipstick to spread out of the contours. It is essential to apply matching lip liner to your natural lip color.  Also, make sure that your lipstick contains vitamin E and other natural ingredients that protect your lips against the UV lights.

Defined eyebrows

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Thin eyebrows will make you look older and shift the focus to wrinkles or dark circles around the eyes. On the contrary, older women with strong, defined eyebrows just look younger.

Blushes for the cheek bones

Blush on
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Highlight your cheek bones with floral shades of blush on to make your cheek look plump and rosy again. Not only will it make older women look younger, but also make them appear healthier..

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