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9 Sunglasses Trends You Need to Know This Summer

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When it comes to summer accessories, nothing is more exciting and popular than a pair of nice sunnies. But, what many people don’t understand is that: sunglasses trends change from year to year. It means, what used to be cool to wear last year might not be in style this year. Sunglasses are not only meant to protect your eyes against the danger of the scorching sun, but they are also very great at adding style to even the simplest of outfit. Want to look your trendiest this summer? Just keep up with these sunglasses trends this year.

Heart-Shaped Glasses

Heart shaped
Source: flickr

Some sunglasses trends are not meant for the boys, unless you have managed to deconstruct the notion of masculinity. This sunglasses, for instance, is super chic and feminine. So of course, this is only for the most fun and daring of souls.


Acetate sunglasses
Source: fuzweb

This is another one of the sunglasses trends that are not meant for people who don’t like standing out from the crowd. Sunglasses in rainbow shades to gold and glitters have been trendy for a while now. Best definition of summer fun.

Retro Shapes

Retro sunglasses
Source: theidleman

Retro is the new modern! Whether it is the round shapes, the thick rims, or the subtle detailing, the retro-styled sunnies are now back in style. Wear these with your coat or floral or tea dresses.

Cool Classic Sunnies

Cool classics
Source: road

Some people just don’t have the personality of making everything a statement. If you are the type who like coolness in a calm sense, then the classic low-key shapes are the sunglasses trends to adopt. They are timeless, yet, always in style.

Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses
Source: vice

The trend is unexpected but on the rise, as seen in many Instagram and other social media feeds lately. Cute, cool, stylish, and edgy, if you are into those adjectives, the style is for you!

The Wayfarer

The wayfarer
Source: panamajack

The style that was first coined by Ray Ban is the favorite of most men around the world. And Wayfarer sunglasses just never die. If you need a pair of sunnies that are certain to always be in style no matter what year it is, this should be your choice.

Clear Frames

Clear frames
Source: vivacity

There is something cool about wearing sunglasses with clear frames, in an effortless manner. This is one of sunglasses trends that flatter both men and women. Wearing this adds a touch of modern minimalist look to your style.

Sport Sunglasses

Sport glasses
Source: allaboutvision

For those adventure seekers out there, here is the type of sunglasses that are made to protect your eyes from glare and improve your visibility. The sleek lenses that are usually made special also give you a cool-looking style. Wear this on your way to surf the beach or when you are busy doing your cross-country cycling adventure!

Cat Eye

Cat eye sunglasses
Source: sunglasswarehouse

Another type of retro-styled sunglasses that is trending this year is the cat eyes. The feline theme gives off an extremely feminine, but sexy vibe. Perfect to wear by those who want to stand out!

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