8 Easy Makeup Tips on Train

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To avoid traffic jams, the train ride becomes one of the most preferred transportation alternatives. Here seasonoutfit has collected makeup tips that you can do on the train. Here are 8 Easy Makeup Tips on Train.

  1. Do not forget to bring a pocket mirror


So make sure you bring a mirror with the right size. You can use a mirror already installed on a makeup product, or carry a separate one.

  1. Wear a makeup sponge


Instead of a brush, bring a makeup sponge to blend makeup. This tool is very multifunctional because it can blend the foundation or concealer which is generally liquid, but also can mix cream products.

  1. Bring the foundation or concealer


You can bring both, or one of them, depending on the makeup you want to wear that day. If you want full makeup view, you can bring foundation and concealer.

  1. Use multi-functional products


To do makeup on trains and buses, you need to carry multifunctional products, such as lip ‘n cheek cream. With a sponge or your finger, blend cream on the cheek. The result will definitely look natural!

  1. Apply eyebrow mascara


Eyebrows mascara also serves to prepare eyebrows before filling them with eyebrow pencil. If your eyebrows are thick enough, eyebrows mascara is enough for you. If your eyebrow looks thin, stick with an eyebrows pencil.

  1. Mascara for a fresh eye


One of these products is enough to give a fresh look of the eye because of its curling effect and increase the volume of the lashes. However, this is also the most difficult product to apply when in the train.

  1. Lipstick with neutral color


Use neutral color lipstick or similar to the original color of your lips. In addition to providing a natural makeup look, neutral colors do not make too clear on the shirt or face when the product falls from the hand or about others.

  1. Bring wet wipes or hand sanitizers


Always provide wet wipes or hand sanitizers to clean the makeup on your hands and fingers.

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