Camo shirt
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8 Men’s Fashion Items Women Can Wear Beautifully

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Some men’s fashion items are definitely made for women. No arguing they just look so perfect hugging women’s bodies or being carried to complement or accessorize women’s fashion. Therefore, you don’t have to avoid shopping at the male section or wearing your boyfriend’s fashion items. Here are the top 8 of men’s fashion items that look really good on girls.

Button-down shirts

Button down shirt
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Long sleeves or short sleeves, button-down shirts are important fashion items that should be in both men and women’s collections. Men’s button-downs can look good on women, try pair it with jeans or synthetic leather leggings.

Pinstripe suits

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This is a cool outfit that you can wear almost effortlessly. Just team it with a trainer to get ready for a meeting. You will look smart and relaxed without looking too old school.

Oversize sweater

Oversized sweater
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It is definitely possible to find an oversize sweater at the women’s section, but sometimes it’s a bit pricey or if you are already at the plus-size scale, it can be difficult. Moreover, sometimes the shape is meant to hug your body. Head to the men’s section to find your oversize sweater.

Camo sweatshirt

Camo shirt
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This casual sweatshirt that looks rogue on guys can look hot on you. Just match it with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots. You will look edgy and hot.

Tuxedo jackets

Tuxedo jacket
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Tuxedos are not only for men and for black tie events only. It can also be one of the perfect fashion items for the smart casual dress code at work. For the casual vibe, wear the slightly oversize one from the men’s section.

Baseball caps

Baseball caps
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Baseball caps or dad hats are extremely versatile fashion items these days. While it used to be very masculine, women can wear them with everything to get the sporty vibe. From the rebel-looking moto jacket to the chic midi dress, just be creative at mixing and matching your own style.

Jersey-style t-shirts and jackets

Jersey tops
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Rock a jersey with sneakers and jeans for the ultimate boyish yet casual look. You can even dress it up a bit with some flats, boots and skinnies or leggings for when you need a slightly more high-styled yet laid-back look.

Flannel shirts

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No fashion items better than a men’s flannel shirt to be stolen by women. You can pair an oversize flannel shirt with everything: from jeans and boots to graphic tee to summer dresses, they will all look good on you!

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