8 Types of Eyebrows Tattoos

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Talk about the types of eyebrows tattoos, of course you will be a little confused to choose which type. This type of eyebrows tattoo will usually depend on your eyebrows model. Here are 8 types of eyebrows tattoos that you must know.

  1. 2D Eyebrows Tattoo


This type of eyebrows tattoo will generally only fill in the blanks on your eyebrows and the result will be more full and thick. The end result of a 2D eyebrows tattoo usually looks like we use an ordinary eyebrows pencil.

  1. 3D Eyebrows Tattoo


Type of 3D eyebrows tattoos will generally be more real and look more natural. Not only that, 3D eyebrows tattoos also use a pen with eyes that are thinner and more flexible.

  1. 4D Eyebrows Tattoo


4D eyebrows tattoo uses a different ink, the ink with the basic ingredients of herbs. No wonder why the 4D tattoo end result will be more natural than 3D eyebrows tattoos.

  1. 6D Eyebrows Tattoo


The last type of eyebrows tattoo is a 6D eyebrows tattoo. This is a tattoo that is usually used by artists. The 6D eyebrows tattoo makes your eyebrows like not tattooed, as well as the shading form will look more dense and thick.

  1. MicroBlading


Microblading is taken from the word micro (small or thin) blade (knife). So the microblading process is a manually depiction nickname line that resembles the size of the hair feathers to look like the original and natural by using a special tool shaped thin blade.

  1. Shading Eyebrows Tattoo


This technique is suitable for you every day using thick make-up, because it’s become a trend among artists because they use thick make-up.

     7. Korean eyebrows tattoo


What is meant by tattoo eyebrows is an eyebrows tattoo style that is thick, and straight, like a K-POP artist style. So this type is not to be imposed on all face and appearance types.

  1. Tattoos eyebrows 8D – 12D


This is definitely a “marketing” technique, and does not add value to the tattoo results.

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