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10 Mix & Match Clothing Motifs that Are Look Good

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Though it looks hard, combining motive clothes is not as difficult as you can imagine. There are some tricks you can learn and guide you when you want to wear two motifs in one outfit.

1.Combine motifs with neutral colors with bright colors to match your look


One way is to combine the color motif with a neutral color motif.

2.Ads with different motifs will be more cohesive if they have the same color as a binder


The example above combines red stripes with floral motifs. Although both are very different, they still look good.

3.You can combine two motifs of the same clothes as long as one motive is greater than the other


The example in the top picture is a combination of large and small flower motifs so your look looks good.

4.Two different motifs will look better like the combined polka-dot motifs and these lines


The above example shows polka-dot motifs and neutral color lines which are then added with feminine hot pink color.

5.The same motif still looks good if the color is reversed


You can also combine motifs with the same type by reversing the two colors in the motif.

6.The same motif can also look stylish with clear color contrast


Combination motifs will also look good if there is a contrast of colors in your outfit.

7.One motif that dominates another motif will be more chic look


Floral tops that are brightly colored with large scales are seen dominating premises with subordinate lines much more calm.

8.Cutoff motif will look easier in the eyes for you who are still afraid of motive toys


Top of the line with this floral subordinate is cut with a blank black cloth that cuts both motifs so the motive is not too crowded.

9.You can also combine motifs with clear textured clothing


For example, the above display combines floral motif tops with a skirt. Although the skirt does not have a print motif, the suede texture or corduroy can be considered a motive.

10.Finally, combine two motifs with different fabric


Combine hard-textured motif with soft-textured motif. Rigid lace tops look very well if combined with a flowy subordinate or glue motif.

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