9 Steps of Makeup for Tired Rounded Face to Looks Thin

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Makeup for a round face to be thinner is a pretty effective solution for you to do. There have been many famous make-up artists who have proven how to apply makeup round to look gaunt. Here are practical guide make for you round face owner to look gaunt.

1.Clean the face


Before starting makeup, make sure your face is clean. You can wash your face with facial foam first. Or you can also wash it with cold water that you give ice cubes only. it will make your face look fresher.

2.Base Make Up


Use a basic makeup or base makeup. Make up base, useful as a base for the others when you dress up later.



Use a thoroughly thin foundation except on the eyelid. This is to avoid the crust on the eyelids after a few hours using makeup.

4.Shading the cheek


This is the most important part for you who want to look thin. Use a brown creamy foundation on the face that wants to look thin as shading.

5.Double shading


Do the same on the chin. So for you who have double chin can look gaunt.

6.Shading the forehead


In addition to the cheeks, the face that makes the face look round is the forehead. You can apply a brown fundatin like the number 4 of the right temple and the left side of the face.

7.Shading Nose


Using shading like number 4 can also make your nose look more sharp. That is by applying shading on the left and right side of the nose. Add highlights to the center of the cheek bones. Cover the shading and highlight it with a thin powder using a sponge.

8.Eyeliner Eyes


You can also make the eyes seem wider. This step will make your face look more gaunt. This method is also called cat eyes.

9.Hair Do


Hair styles can also show a tapered impression on your face. For example model semi-long curly bob, bob shaggy pieces with layer slightly cover the eyes.

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