10 Make Up Steps to Use Concealer

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Concealer provides benefits to mask imperfections on facial skin. Tricks make up with this concealer you can apply before using other cosmetics on the face. Here are 10 Make Steps to Use Concealer that you must know.

  1. Do not Forget Using Foundation


Flatten your foundation to all parts of face. Avoid using the concealer first from the foundation, because the concealer will disappear if mixed with the foundation.

  1. Combine Two Color Concealer


Concealer colors that fit for highlights are colors that are twice as lighter than your skin tone. This highlight effect can be applied to the forehead, chin, and nasal bone

  1. Choose a Concealer Color that Suitable for Your Problem


For example, green color is useful to cover acne. Peach color concealer is useful to cover dark circles under the eyes

  1. Use Concealer Under The Eyes


The main function of the concealer is to cover eye bags or panda eyes. How to use the concealer at the bottom of the right eye is a picture of a triangle under your eyes.

  1. Take advantage of Concealer to Cover Acne On Faces


Use a green concealer to cover new acne or acne scars. For finishing, use concealer with matching color with your skin color.

  1. Use Concealer In Body Parts Besides Face


Use concealer to cover acne on the chest in the same way when you use this cosmetic product to cover acne on the face. In order for the concealer to cover the acne in the chest longer, Dab powder setting.

  1. Orange or Peach Concealer for Panda Eyes


Cover your panda eyes with orange or peach concealer. Both colors are quite effective to cover the dark shadows on the skin.

  1. Create a Breathless Lips Illusion


How to use concealer to create the illusion of thick lips is dab concealer in the center of the lips, then flatten. Next, apply a nude lip gloss to create the illusion of thick and full lips.

  1. Use Brush to Flatten Concealer


The brush will flatten the concealer perfectly, so that no cracks or wrinkles are formed due to the use of concealer. Paste the tissue to absorb the rest of the concealer on the face.

  1. Finishing with Powder


Finishing with powder will make the texture of the concealer softer, so the imperfections on the face will be well covered and the face looks perfect. After use the powder, you can apply other cosmetic products, such as blush-on, and eye shadow.

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