8 Concealer Colors and Their Functions

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Makeup lovers must know this one item. Concealer or facial color correction is often a flagship product to mask imperfections on facial skin. For example, black eye bags, reddish, black stains, and much more. The development of the world of makeup is so rapidly making the concealer comes with many colors and available in units and palettes. Here are 8 concealer colors and their functions.

1.Purple (Lavender)


This purple color generally works to flatten the skin color of the face. Especially for you the owners face dull and yellow or yellowish. Usually skin with yellow tone is owned by Asian women.



Green concealer helps neutralize the reddish color on the face. Usually facial redness is owned by women who have sensitive and acne skin.



The yellow concealer is the most common color corrector and makes the skin look brighter. In addition to correcting the color, yellow concealer you can use as a base eyeshadow.

 4.Pink or Peach


This color is the ideal color to brighten around the eyes and mask the signs of fatigue. The pink concealer is a mixture of red, orange, and yellow and is perfect for disguising blue, purple, and green.



This color is perfect for women with darker skin. You can use it to cover black stains on the bottom of the eye.



This concealer color should be used for highlights on eyebrows and upper cheekbones to look more prominent. You can also use it on the outer and inner corner of the eye to make it look more radiant.

7.Neutral or skin color


You do not have confused to hide the areas that are not perfect. You just use concealer the same color with your facial skin.



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The function of brown color is very important to form the jaw bones on our face to look firm and more perfect. Usually used on the side of the bones of the nose, cheekbone, jawbone, forehead, bone underneath the neck.

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