8 Nail Art Creations that You Can Practice at Home

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You also do not need to master the science of nail art, even with small items such as masking tape and hairpin, your kitten can be unique and beautiful. Seasonoiutfit has summarized 9 simple nail art, which you can practice yourself at home.

  1. Simple with masking tape, can make a variety of unique shapes.


For a blend of blue mint and dark chocolate, you can get it in no time.

  1. No need for tape tape straight line. The perfect black line above your white polish, just makes it more artsy.


White color is always right for use by any skin color.

  1. Very cute feminine nuances can be obtained by making pink stripes on white.


With pink-which is identical to the feminine impression-you can rely on to decorate your nails that have been smeared with white polish. You just need to make lines

  1. In fact, without the tape, your knee can stay tanned. Tilt was no need to worry crossed out.


But, you can also make your nails more colorful with nail polish without being worried when you create a skewed art. In fact, your kitten is even funnier.

  1. Make your tails more crowded with lots of colors. Add dots on the end of the nail for a more distinctive unique impression.


White, gray, or black, albeit across but still suitable. Even better, you can put dots on the tip of his finger with a thin and small brush.

  1. Make points on your finger, with 3 layers of color.


For those of you who want to highlight the nails, such as ring fingers, you can make funny art from 3 different colors, pink, dark blue, light blue. First, you apply a pink nail polish on the surface of the nail.

  1. Polka dot is easily contrived. From this black pin bobby pin.


With black clip that is often really found around, it could be a new friend when making art polka dot-shaped like this.

  1. Twins with clothes. Polka dot and red line can you try.


To make it more different, you can make 2 colors, red and white. After that, you give a small red polka dot around it.

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