8 Combination Tricks Hijab Vintage for Women

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If you are good at this, the actual clothes, skirts, pants, or dress that long can still be used to hang out. Therefore, this time seasonoutfit has prepared 8 beautiful combinations for girls with a vintage hijab style.

  1. The typical 90’s plaid skirt is still interesting to wear with a plain hijab


Wearing a laced skirt with a checkerboard sometimes makes you so uncomfortable because it is not his day. Because in addition to showing the feel of vintage from within, you will also look more cheerful.

  1. Loose shirt that he said like these mothers is actually good if you are smart to combine with the right pants


Dress patterned with loose sizes turns out your nice solid match with plain black material pants. Do not miss also lace rope that makes your appearance so look more relaxed.

  1. You can also look formal with a striped skirt with a white shirt. Add high heels let me look more elegant


Stay mix and match skirt patterned stripes of large size with a white shirt that is inserted into the skirt will certainly beautify your appearance.

  1. Got tops of knitwear that are rarely used? Pair it with a shirt put in it to get catchy!


If you are good at mixing and match one example by using tops made of knitted and thin shirts in it.

  1. Want to give the impression of vintage, but still the present? Let’s wear a pair of cutbray-patterned pants


Nothing wrong with you look different with a pair of beautiful patterned cutbray cut. Let the vintage look the contemporary, you can use a patterned blouse that is inserted into the pants.

  1. The vintage style is identical to the feminine side. Just emit it through the famous white skirt bones


The bone white color is one of lasting vintage colors, especially with its vintage-cut skirt model as well.

  1. Vintage impression is not only dark or shabby! The accent of the flowers and the superior of Sabrina


The vintage style is identical to the big motifs and is on the color of the flame. You who have Sabrina’s top can also be combined with subordinate skirts with similar patterns.

  1. Combine midi skirt with a blazer of flowers


The midi skirt can still be used even if you veil, as long as your feet are wrapped with leggings.

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